Thank you Coronavirus Helpers Images, quotes, #helpers

Thank you coronavirus helpers 2020: Images, quotes, WhatsApp status and Facebook messages

Say thanks to coronavirus helpers by sending messages. Some quotes and wishes to send on Whatsapp.

With the ongoing increase in the number of cases every day, the risk to the lives of Coronavirus helpers has also been increasing. Let’s take a moment to say thank you.

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, not only doctors, nurses, and ward boys but our delivery persons, ration shop owners, and vegetable-fruits vendors, etc., have played a crucial role by providing us timely access to all the necessary items important for survival during all the months of the pandemic.

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, timely delivery of essential services by taking all precautionary measures to curb the spread of the virus. Therefore, let us thank these coronavirus helpers who have been making our lives smooth during the ongoing pandemic.

As thanking somebody is the biggest form of appreciation and motivation, send these quotes and messages to doctors, nurses, delivery staff, farmers, teachers, researchers, sanitation workers, grocery workers, and emergency services workers, and others who have been constantly assisting in the fight against the Coronavirus.


Thank you messages for Coronavirus helpers

Thanksgiving is the greatest form of gratitude. We want to thank you today!

Thankyou corona warriors!

I want to thank you for saving me and my family by working tirelessly. Heartfelt Thank you!

Though the times have been difficult, your dedication towards your work did not shake a bit. I highly appreciate your work. Thank you!

I want to thank you for your crucial help. Sending you warm thanksgiving.

Need to say thank you

The whole world is praising the efforts that are being made by corona warriors to ensure everyone’s safety everywhere. These people have been tirelessly working to deliver essential services.

The community of these workers should be given applause for the work. From the rag pickers to the nurses and security personnel standing on all fronts are working for the people.


Google said thankyou to coronavirus helpers

Google thanked Coronavirus helpers by changing its doodle to throwing hearts to the Corona warriors–delivery, packaging personnel. Through its doodle, it gave out the message of social distancing. Google also has asked to wash hands and take all safety measures to prevent Covid-19 spread.

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